Factors Affecting The Installation Of The Flange Guards

The past has been witnessed for the gloomy history of catastrophic incidents, which devastated many lives and properties. The flange guard is the most basic element PTFE flange guards for sealing the flange joints, pipelines and valves of the process system for the flawless operation every time. It has the ability to clamp two separable joints besides sealing them perfectly for the leak free applications. The foremost aim of installing the device is to seal the joints to prevent leakage, mist formation and spray outs.

There are various factors that affect the performance of the device but a good flange guard needs to maintain all the pressure well and ace all the imperfections for brilliant performance. The extremely high temperature and pressure create great influence on the performance of the device.

Factors Affecting The Performance Of The Flange Guards:-

  • Though these are available in the wide assortment of styles, types, materials and sizes, the pressure created with the bolts affects the installation in extreme. The bolts fastened too tightly create high pressure that let the guard blow out and becomes the reason of failure.
  • Cheap materials used in the products are another reason of failing the entire process. People who use products that manufactured using the cheap quality raw material and with the most outdated technology mostly face the problem of blown out flange guards.
  • Corrosion is one more reason that causes the failure of the application as it jams the place surrounding the joint while leaving it weak and with rough surface. The joint that is weakened with the attack of corrosion is not suitable for the application of flange joints as there are more chances of failure.

When you install the device at the joints there are many factors that influence the performance of the device and the pressure created through the surroundings try to make it blow out. Following some pro tips while installing the flange guards can help you to get rid of such situations easily.

  • Watch out for the corrode joints. If any, clean them before installing the device to ace the flawless operation and the best results.
  • Choose the material of the device wisely. As the application areas vary, the material should be chosen that befits the requirements.
  • Regulate the flow of the material inside the pipelines so that it will not create unnecessary pressure and will not blow out in between the operation.
  • Chemical forbearance is another factor that should be considered well. The highly concentrated chemicals demand some special application flange guards.

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